Spoke at a conference
Teached an Accessibility Workshop
Used Angular
Gave a workshop at International JavaScript Conference, Building for Accessibility with Angular.

Millions of people depend on accessibility features in order to use websites and applications, and to access technology and data that we often take for granted. When building for the web it is very important that we consider how to make sure our software is accessible to everyone. In fact, you very likely take advantage of accessibility features yourself on a regular basis: If you’ve used the keyboard to quickly fill out a web form, watched a video with subtitles to avoid waking up the kids, or used your voice to interface with your phone, you’ve benefited from good accessibility.

Unfortunately, as a tech community, even when we understand the importance of accessibility, the implementation often falls short. And when you find instructions on implementing web accessibility, so often they are overly simplistic and don’t translate easily into your development stack.